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SEO For Sign, Wrap,

& Graphics Companies

SEO For Sign, Wrap,

& Graphics Companies

You’ve created a great-looking website, included photos and descriptions of your services, and provided your contact information. So, why hasn’t your site brought in any new customers? What’s missing?

A powerful website needs all these things—an attractive design, custom photos, product and service descriptions, and so on—but today’s internet-centric marketplace requires more. To drive traffic to your sign, wrap, screen printing, or graphics company’s website, you must integrate effective digital marketing strategies, including search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO for sign companies and commercial graphics businesses is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle. Digital marketing drives two kinds of traffic to a website: paid traffic and organic traffic. SEO drives organic traffic: the users who search for a product or service using a search engine like Google.

Most internet users depend on Google and won’t navigate past the first search engine results page (SERP). The primary goal of an SEO campaign is to get a website to show up on the first page of Google search results, which means satisfying Google’s ever-evolving algorithm.

Our marketing specialists here at Sign Shop Marketing Pros can help you with your SEO campaign to rank higher and keep your sales pipeline full.


Benefits of Using SEO for Your Signs and Graphics Business

You can take advantage of many benefits when you include SEO in your sign or graphics company’s marketing strategy. Businesses that don’t consider SEO miss out on a vast number of potential customers as well as opportunities to grow brand authority and user engagement. Let’s look at a few of the main benefits of using SEO for a sign company or commercial graphics business:


SEO Drives Free Organic Traffic

If you look at a Google SERP, you’ll see sponsored ads at the top of the page and a list of websites below. The sponsored ads at the top are called pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and companies pay every time a user clicks that ad to navigate to their website. This is an example of paid traffic.

The organic listings appear below the paid ads, ranked according to Google’s current algorithm. Unlike paid traffic, organic traffic shows up for free. You can drive this free organic traffic to your company’s website by investing in SEO for sign companies or graphics businesses.


SEO Improves Brand Authority

Google gives higher rankings to websites it considers the most valuable based on many factors, including the quality and relevance of the content. Ranking high indicates to users that your brand proves trustworthy.

Internet users enter keywords to search for products and services. For example, a user looking for a custom sign might type “custom sign shop near me” into Google. If you rank high for several keywords, users may see your company name frequently, further increasing your brand authority.


SEO Tracks Your Progress

SEO includes several quantifiable metrics, including SERP rankings, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Google’s SEO analysis platform, Google Analytics, provides website owners with actionable data based on the site’s organic traffic. You can even track a potential customer’s entire buying journey as they interact with your website.

Our SEO professionals at Sign Shop Marketing Pros use these data points to improve your website’s SEO marketing strategy, create more effective paid ads, and more. Thanks to data tracking platforms like Google Analytics, we’ll show you our progress at every step.


SEO Services We Offer

Our marketing professionals provide sign company SEO service to help sign and graphics businesses improve their online presence, fill their sales pipelines with potential customers, and outrank their direct competitors. When you trust us with your website’s SEO, we’ll provide the following essential SEO services:


1. On- and Off-Page Optimization

SEO requires both on and off-page strategies for the best results. Our team will optimize your website’s on-page content, HTML tags, alt image tags, and more. We’ll post fresh, valuable content regularly to help your website rank higher. We’ll use off-page strategies like social media marketing and link building to make your website more valuable to search engines like Google.


2. Local SEO

Sign company SEO relies heavily on local optimization to help potential customers find a local business near them. We’ll optimize your Google Business profile to ensure that local users can find your company, and we’ll handle all your reputation management needs. When past customers leave reviews online, we’ll respond appropriately to thank your clients for their kind words or address their concerns.


3. Content Writing

Google and other search engines prioritize websites that offer fresh, high quality, and industry-relevant content on a regular basis. If you trust us with your SEO campaign, we’ll ensure that your website consistently gets new content. We’ll post blog articles, improve and expand current pages, and use infographics and other content types to provide Google and your customers with a variety of quality content.


4. Link Building

Link building is an essential part of SEO for sign companies and commercial graphics businesses. It helps customers find your company by getting other websites to link to yours. Of course, backlinks won’t help you rank higher on Google unless they come from relevant, trustworthy websites. Our link-building experts can help you with a thoughtful and effective link building strategy.


Contact Us at Sign Shop Marketing Pros to Start Your SEO Campaign

Organically driving traffic to your sign shop’s website requires an effective SEO campaign with thoughtful strategies. Our marketing experts at Sign Shop Marketing Pros have more than two decades of experience in the sign, graphics, and marketing industries. We know what it takes to provide effective SEO for sign companies and graphics businesses.

We offer our clients industry expertise and complete transparency. You’ll never have to wonder where or how we spend your money. Trust our SEO agency to drive organic traffic to your website, and we’ll show you why our clients love to work with us.

Schedule your discovery call today if you want more customers for your sign or graphics shop. We’ll explain what we can do for your business and determine if our services are right for you. Schedule your call online today, or dial 888-272-1367. You can also reach us via email at contact@signshopmarketingpros.com.